Radio Special Sound Bytes

All sound bytes are interviews from the radio specials.
Will post more sound bytes as time permits.

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Boys And Me

1. 14:06
Radio Show Open - Sawyer Brown's Stage Show - Song #1 "The Boys & Me" - Upcoming Tour - Song #2 "Outskirts Of Town"

HOWDY! 49 seconds long       "The Boys And Me" 48 seconds long         "Outskirts Of Town" 86 seconds long         Fun Pranks 91 seconds long

2. 8:15
Story of the Surprise Single - Song #3 "Thank God For You" - Early Obstacles - Song #4 "Drive Away"
3. 12:29
History of Boy Howdy - Song #5 "A Cowboy's Born With A Broken Heart" - Band Members - Song #6 "They Don't Make Them Like That Anymore"
4. 10:30
The Writing of "She'd Give Anything" - Song #7 "She'd Give Anything" - On The Road to Success - Song #8 "Home Grown Love"
5. 6:39
Looking Forward to '94 - Song #7 "Some Girls Do" - Sawyer Brown's parting Advice for Boy Howdy

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