These are five screen savers I made using GraFx software. On Oct 16th 2001 Grafx made major changes in its software. Our thanks to Chris Hoffman, of GraFX software, for the best support : ) Anyhow, if you downloaded the screen savers before Oct 16, 2001, all the screen savers have changed. So has the executable. To run the new screen savers you must download the runtime executable and install it. The old GraFx screen savers that I made before won't work then.

This is the Run Time executable only it is real big 5,734K bytes

Run time package

Screen Saver one is all round pictures 1,437K bytes
Sawyer Brown Screen Saver One

Screen Saver two is also round pictures 1,614K bytes
Sawyer Brown Screen Saver Two

Screen Saver three is made up of non-round pictures 2,154K bytes
Sawyer Brown Screen Saver Three

Screen Saver four is also non-round pictures 2,260 K bytes
Sawyer Brown Screen Saver Four

Screen Saver five is all the pictures
It is 6,814K bytes so don't attempt to download this unless you have a long time or a very fast internet connection.
Sawyer Brown Screen Saver Five

Remember, unless you have a GraFx screen saver (from after 16 Oct 2001), you need to download the run time program. And, unfortunately, then your old GraFx screen savers probably won't work.

Originally, I put these up without thinking. The pictures on the web site have all the credits and copy write information under the picture. Thus it was not on the original pictures used for the screen savers. To be proper, I re-did them and they now have their proper copy write information and credit to Philip Greenspun who takes 99% of the pictures I use as backgrounds for my graphics. Thank You Philip : )

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