In Ohio It's

WUBE 105.1 FM

The request line number is 513-749-B105
Or if you want to send a FAX to the studio
the number is 513-621-B105

The station phone number is 513-699-5105

Bill Whyte 5:30am-10am
Amanda Orlando 5:30am-10am
Randy Little 5:30am-9am
Pistol Pete Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm
Duke Hamilton 2:30pm-7pm
JJ Gerard 7pm-12mid
Jason Statt 5:30am-10am
Leslee Beale 12am - 5:30am

Tim Closson is the Program Director
Duke Hamilton is the Music Director

Coverage Area

The station address is

WUBE 105.1 FM
2060 Reading Road
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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