In Utah It's

KSOP 104.3 FM or 1370 AM

The request line number is (801) 570-5767
The station phone number is (801) 972-1043

Or if you want to send them a FAX,
the number is (801) 978-2432

Email address is

Debby Turpin is the Music Director

Coverage Area

The Salt Lake City - Ogden - Provo Market includes five counties
and over one million people spread out over a 100 mile area along
the base of the Wasatch Mountains. It is a dynamic and diverse
market anchored by Salt Lake City, with Ogden located 30 miles
to the north, and Provo 40 miles to the south, plus over 25 other
communities with their own identities and distinct characteristics.

KSOP covers the entire Metro Market PLUS more of Utah, Nevada,
Idaho, Wyoming than any other country station in Utah.

KSOP serves an economically strong area. Tourism, light industry,
mining, agriculture, and a central hub for transportation make Utah
a great place to invest. World-famous skiresorts such as Snowbird,
Park City, Alta, Brighton, and Deer Valley; plus industry like Delta Airlines,
McDonnell-Douglas, Kennecott, Novell, Geneva Steel,Hercules and
Morton-Thiokol contribute to a healthy economy in Utah.

KSOP is excited to be serving as the home of the 2002 Winter Olympic
Games. This will keep Utah at the fore front of world attention for the next
several years, adding to the strength of the economy.

The strength of the family in Utah is a unique market characteristic.
Families are larger than the national average. House hold income is above
average and the 18-54 demographic maintians the strongest buying power
in the market. KSOP targets and influences that buying power every day!

The station address is

KSOP 104.3 FM
PO Box 25548
Salt Lake City, UT. 84125

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