In Washington It's

KMPS 94.1 FM

The request line number is (206) 421-5677
The station phone number is (206) 805-0941

Or if you want to send them a FAX,
the number is (206) 448-4038

Email address is

Tony Thomas is the Music Director

Coverage Area

The 58,000 watt FM signal emanates from the highest transmitter site in Puget Sound located on Tiger Mountain giving them a greater multipath free coverage area than a 100,000 watt station on Cougar Mountain, just a few miles away. The north-south coverage reaches from Vancouver, B.C. to the Centralia/Chehalis area. The western coverage extends to Port Angelesand east to the Cascades.

The station address is

KMPS 94.1 FM
113 Dexter Ave N
Seattle, WA. 98109

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