In Texas It's

KIXC 100.9 FM

The request line number is (940) 663-6363 or 1-800-782-7450
The station phone number is (940) 663-6363

Or if you want to send them a FAX,
the number is (940) 663-6364

Email address is

John White is the Music Director

Coverage Area


Quanah, Vernon, Altus, Childress, Crowell, Chillicothe. Paducah.


Hardeman, Foard, Wilbarger, Childress, Baylor, Cottle, Jackson,
Tillman, Harman, Greer.

The station address is

KIXC 100.9 FM
P.O. Box 29,
Quanah, TX . 79252

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