In Colorado It's

KEKB 99.9 FM

The request line number is (970) 243-3699
The station phone number is (970) 242-7788

Or if you want to send them a FAX,
the number is (970) 243-0567

Email address is

Mike Shafer is the Operations Manager

You can e-mail him at

KEKB's sister stations are

KEXO-AM or LaZeta a spanish music station.
KBKL, or KOOL 107.9 an oldies station
KKNN or 95Rock a classic rock station
KMXY or MIX 104.3, a Hot AC

Mike Shafer is the Operations Manager of all of them

The station address is

KEKB 99.9 FM
315 Kennedy Ave
Grand Junction, CO. 81501

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