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    Matchbox Twenty's Unwell
    Tom Petty Dreamville
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    I Need A Girlfriend
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    Accepting TNN Award
    Betty's Bein' Bad & Shakin - Live
    Tom Petty Black Leather Woman
    Can You Hear Me Now
    Did It For Love
    Drive Me Wild
    Hallelujah He Is Born
    Hallelujah He Is Born - live 2002
    Hans Solo Switches
    Willie and Waylon If I Can Find A Clean Shirt
    Tom Petty I Gotta Move
    I'll Be Around
    Tom Petty I'm Cryin'
    I Need A Girlfriend
    At the 2003s ACM Award show Mark Presenting The Single Of The Year Award
    At Sawyer Brown's Twentieth Year Fan Club Dinner Mark Thanks The Fans
    At the Grand Ole Opry Mission Temple Fireworks Stand
    On the Jay Leno showMission Temple Fireworks Stand with Robert Randolph
    The VideoMission Temple Fireworks Stand with Robert Randolph
    My Baby's Gone
    Steven Tyler and Willie Nelson Once Is Enough
    One Less Pony
    Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow Picture
    The Making Of 'Round Here
    'Round Here
    Tom Petty Runnin' Down A Dream and I'm Cryin' Live
    Six Days On The Road
    Some Girls Do
    Some Girls Do - Live with Jeff Jarrett
    Star Search Win Number Four
    Star Search Win Number Five
    Takin' Care Of Business
    Thank God For You
    The Boys And Me - Live
    The Promo For Country Connection
    Tom Petty The Last DJ
    Toby Keith Who's Your Daddy
    Toby Keith and Willie NelsonBeer For My Horses
    Nocturnal Sunshine Fire Spinning

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    "Mission Temple Fireworks Stand" - & sound byte
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    "They Don't Understand"

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