Joe Smyth      Drums

Joe Smith of Sawyer Brown

Joseph Smyth, III (Curly) is the drummer and beat keeper for Sawyer Brown.

Born:                         September 6th  (a very good day)
Birthplace:                 Portland, Maine
Hair Color:                Blond  (and he has not caved in to the pressure from the rest of the band to shave it off)
Eyes:                          Blue  (doesn't match his disposition at all)
Left or right handed: Right
Marital Status:           Married
Hobbies:                    Reading, Outdoor sports

      Can you guess what Joe's favorite drum sticks are? You'll find them here
      Right after his wife, kids, and drums, is Joe's passion for preserving the memories of the Civil War so that hopefully, history will not repeat itself. And to all that helped in the attempt to save the Franklin Battlefield, he sends a special  Thank You

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