This is what everybody wants, their own universe.
It is also my home school project.
I really hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoy making it.

A picture of me

Me and one of our horses, Cruffy

Me and another one of our horses, Rainy

Cruffy's e-mare friend, and her person Heather

This is Susie, another Sawyer Brown fan.

God gives but God takes. For one reason or another, we all have to move on to a better place where all people are happy. If there was no such thing as moving on to a better place the world would be a over populated and crowded place. Humans have a short life so when we (the people) have a good friend or loved one we (the people) should enjoy that loved one or friend as much as we can. It is best that we (the people) would move on to a better place in our sleep, but God has his ways. When we (the people) are going to leave a loved one (s) behind while going on a short trip to the store, hospital, EXT. we should tell our loved one (s) "I love you" so that if person who is leaving moves on to a better place in a car wreck, then our loved one (s) don't have to be even more down from the fact that loved one (s) didn't get to say "I love you."



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