Waylon Jennings

"Talks About The Album - Closing In On The Fire"

Songs on the album:
 1) "Closing In On The Fire"
 2) "I Know About Mw, Don't Know About You"
 3) "Best Friends Of Mine"
 4) "Just Watch Your Mama And Me"
 5) "She's Too Good For Me"
 6) "Back Home (Where I Come From)"
 7) "Be Mine"
 8) "Easy Money"
 9) "The Blues Don't Care"
10) "Untitled Waltz"
11) "No Expectations"

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        Waylon was a super star. He arrived, with his wife Jessi, at the studies of KGBS FM in Los Angles one night to talk to the DJ, Rabbit.
        I was the studio/transmitter engineer, baby sitting the transmitter readings for Rabbit and doing night production. You needed a first phone license to do transmitters back then. I had one. Rabbit didn't at that time
        I started radio at KMET FM underground rock and roll. And I looked it. I had handled all sorts of remotes from The Grateful Dead to KLAC's Friday night live at the Palomino that featured the top country artists like Tom T. Hall. I liked a lot of them, but no artist took my mind off the work at hand.
        Waylon came back into the studio to cut some promos. I loved his music. His songs such as "I've Always Been Crazy" were so true for my life. I had never heard music that touched me the way his music did.
        There was just something about him. He was so easy going, yet so aware of the world. I was so in awe I forgot to put the tape deck into record. I discovered this when I went to cue up the cuts to overlay them on some music. I had to go into the studio and tell him what I'd done. I was so embarrassed.
        He not only didn't rat on me for messing up, came and re-recorded the promos without a nasty expression, he confide in me that I'd just paid him the greatest compliment. That when a strange, cold sober, rock and roller got so impressed with him they stopped functioning, he figured he must be communicating his feelings.
        From the day I heard it, I loved his music. But from that special night forward, I love the man, too.
                                We miss you Waylon

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