Dear Friends of Sawyer Brown

        As you most probably now know, the Williamson County Board of Commissioners voted against further consideration of moving the new War Memorial (sic) County Library site away from the Columbia Pike corridor. This is yet another setback for saving the Franklin Battlefieldóbut, like the Army of Tennessee itself, we will pick ourselves up, march on, and make the fight another day.

        I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to send your letters and/or email supporting the relocation of the County library. Although ultimately unsuccessful, the letters have carried more weight than you know in raising local awareness to save the Franklin Battlefield.

        If per chance, you are not yet a member of Save The Franklin Battlefield, I invite and encourage you to become one. For more information, see our web site at

Together we shall persevere!

Joe Smyth
Save The Franklin Battlefield, Inc.

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