The Sawyer Brown Attraction

*2005* - *2006*

    My name is Kathy and Koko has been kind enough to let me borrow a page of her website. For the past six years I have taken stories that fans have given me. I put them into booklet form and give a copy to each member of the group at Fan Fair. The feed back is, that they love them.

    This is what I need. When was the first time you saw Sawyer Brown and what was it about them that made you want to follow them year after year, town to town. For instance you might like the music the most or the band. Please don't make it longer than a page typed. I will only put your first name and your city and state. Like all things there needs to be a deadline. I need them no later than May 21st, 2006. To decorate the book a bit, in the past I have used colored paper, clip art and drawings from children. This year it might be a combination of all or something new.

    So let the members of Sawyer Brown know why they have an audience every time they step out onto the stage.

Send your story or questions to me at:

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