Gypsies On Parade

Volume 9 - Number 6

Happy Holidays From

Sawyer Brown

Once again Sawyer Brown and the Sawyer Brown International Fan Club have been blessed with another successful year. We would like to thank all our fan club members for playing such an important part in that success. With the continued rise of country music, every day brings more and more fans into the country music family. We are very pleased that the music of Sawyer Brown had been so warmly accepted by old and new fans alike.

1994 was indeed a very busy and exciting time. The band and their road crew are home now, spending the holidays with family and friends. It is our hope that you too will find the time to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and all it's joy. And with the new year welcome and embrace changes for a brighter and better future. May God's peace be with you--not only at Christmas, but every season of the year. Happy Holidays!

Jackie Combs

This Time: It's A Hit!

All indications lead us to believe that This Time could possibly be the biggest single Sawyer Brown has ever had! In just a few short weeks since it's release it has already reached number 23 on R&R and number 27 on Billboard. This quick climb up the charts is exceptional, and in order to keep the momentum going we ask our fans all over the country to keep making calls to your local radio stations.

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