Gypsies On Parade

Volume 9 - Number 4

Nominee For The CMAs Group Of The Year award.

We are pleased to report that Sawyer Brown has again been named as finalist for the CMA Group Of The Year. The honor became official on August 16th when the CMA Awards finalists were announced at a press conference in Nashville. This is the bands third consecutive nomination. The 28th Annual CMA Awards will be telecast live from the Grand Ole Opry on October 5th. We're keeping our fingers crossed that Sawyer Brown will be on the list of performers. Plan to watch!

Hard To Say: Looking Good!

Sawyer Brown's current single, Hard To Say, first hit the airwaves June 13th. You may remember that the single entered the R&R chart at number 46. A dew short mounths later the single resides at number 6 on Gavin, number 9 on R&R, and number 12 on the Billboard chart! Hard To Say would not have made it this far without the support of our fans. Please remember that the next few weeks are critical. A heavy concentration of phone calls to your local radio station will help raise the single into that number 1 position! So pick up that phone! Tell radio that it's not hard to say how much you want to hear Hard To Say! Thanks.

It's Faster...

It's Louder...

It's Sawyer brown!

They're at it again! With a new fall tour just around the corner Sawyer brown has been working hard on a spectacular new stage show. The tree million dollar hi-teck extravaganza is as huge as any show on the road and the biggest set for the band yet. To make sure everything was in order and all the kinks were worked out, they rented the Von Braun Civic Arena in Huntsville, Alabama for six days of intense rehearsal. The show's operation includes the addition of two computers with three technicians at the control. Rehearsed and ready for launch Sawyer Brown decided they were ready to show off the new set. They filled up two buses with the media and VIPs from Nashville and brought them out for a sneak preview of the Faster And Louder Tour. Those luchy enough to be in attendance were treated to an incredible performance and their response was overwelmingly enthusiastic!

Sawyer Brown would like their fans to know that the Faster And Louder Tour is the result of 13 1/2 years of hard work. And all this effort is for the fans who have supported them during that time. "We want to give them a good reason to leave the house and spend their hard earned money to see a show. We want them to know that we're giving them 110% of what we've got!"

Sawyer Brown like you've never seen them before! The new stage from tip to tip spans 80 feet and every inch adds up to a boot kickin', light and sound extravaganza! Buckle your seat belt and prepare for takeoff!

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