Gypsies On Parade

Volume 8 - Number 5

New Single Gets Off To A Great Start

After only four weeks, the new single The Boys And Me is making impressive climbs up the various charts. This marked a move from number 25 to number 23 on the R&R chart, from number 40 to number 29 on Billboard and it currently ranks number 21 on the Gavin chart. During the week of October 18th, the previous single Thank God For You moved back up from number 33 to number 32, giving Sawyer Brown two top forty singles on the Billboard chart!

New Set Is A Big Hit!

Sawyer Brown has been on the road with their brand new stage show since mid-September. For those of lucky enough to have already seen a live shows, you know we weren't exaggerating when we told you about the incredible new lights and other special surprises. If you have not yet had an opportunity to see a live show, you've probably seen the new video, The Boys And Me, which features segments with the new set. Most of small problems that always arise with a new show have now been worked out and the production is running smoothly. The guys are having a great time showing off their new toys and as always, the fans have been great! Check the schedule and plan to catch a show when Sawyer Brown comes to the neck of the woods.

What A Workout!

At a recent rehearsal, Mark demonstrated some of the new moves he has perfected for use on the new stage tread mill. Carefully choreographed and brilliantly executed, each move is designed to add to the spirit of other words, it's a whole lot of fun in the typical Sawyer Brown style!

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