Gypsies On Parade

Volume 8 - Number 2

No Trouble With

Trouble On The Line

Trouble On The Line, the latest single from Sawyer Brown, became their fastest Top Ten hit to date as it jumped from number 16 to number 10 on the Radio & Records Country Singles chart. It is currently at the number 10 position on the Gavin chart and number 17 on billboard chart.

Please put forth a concentrated effort to call your local radio stations to let them know how much you like Trouble On The Line. Also let them know that you want to hear a lot more of it. Trouble should reach its peak chart position by Fan Fair week. Please make it your goal to help Trouble On The Line become the 6th No. 1 single for Sawyer Brown!

We would like to place a wake - up call to any of the Sawyer Brown Fan Club members in the Cincinnati, OH or Nashville, TN areas to make an extra effort to let your local radio stations know how much you like Trouble On The Line. While it might seem trivial, the difference between a number 1 song and a number 2 song is sometimes determined by the activity of a song at one single station. So please know that all your efforts will pay off in the end.

Rolling Into Town

The next time the Sawyer Brown entourage rolls into your neck of the woods, you'll notice that they have a brand new tour bus and truck. The sharp looking black truck features the Sawyer Brown name in white and teal. The new bus is similar to the old bus on the outside, but this time, the striping and SB logo appear in black and teal.

New Single And New Album

Due Out Soon!

A Mark Miller / Mac McAnally penned tune entitled Thank God For You will be the debut release from Sawyer Brown's forth-coming album. The new single is tentatively scheduled to be shipped to radio June 14. It's a rockin' country tune that's vintage Sawyer Brown. They will debut the song on the TNN / Music City News Awards show. It will also be accompanied with a video.

The new album will be entitled The Outskirts Of Town and is scheduled for an August release date. All songs on the album were written or co-written by the members of Sawyer Brown with other various co-witers, most notably co-producer of the album Mac McAnally. The title cut was co-written by Mark, Hobie and Duncan. It is sure to be a classic.

1993 Tour - Most Successful Tour Yet!

Sawyer Brown's '93 concert tour has been their most successful yet. According to Pollstar magazine (the industry standard in concert tour ratings), Sawyer Brown is currently the 14th top grossing act in all forms of music, and the 12th in average number of attendees per show. As an indication of the company they keep, you'll find Sawyer Brown's name alongside such acts as the Gratefull Dead, Guns 'N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks and Alabama Just to name a few.

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