Gypsies On Parade

Volume 6 - Number 4


This issue of the Gypsies On Parade is dedicated to the memory
of Mr. C. W. Hubbard, father of Gregg Hobie Hubbard.
C.W. Hubbard passed away February of 1991.

"The Dirt Road" Hits Pay Dirt

The Dirt Road debuted at number 45 on the Radio & Records chart, (the national chart most recognized by the music industry), topping The Walk and The Race Is On as the highest debut song ever for Sawyer Brown. As of this printing the single has soared to the number 15 position in only it's sixth week on the chart. Making it their fastest rising song ever. The success of The Dirt Road has not been limited to the R&R chart, as it has had similar success on the other record rating charts. On Billboard, it was recognized as the high debut the week it was released, and two weeks later was recognized as their power pick for air play.

The video has had an even greater amount of success, as it presently sits at the number 2 position on CMT and number 10 on TNN. Sawyer Brown was told by a reliable source that the video would be number 1 on CMT in the next week countdown.

Thanks to all the fans who have called or written to support Sawyer Brown. Your efforts are paying off.

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa

Sometimes in this day and age, it seems like we confuse things that we want with things that we need. I want a lot of things, but thankfully I probably don't need much. I would like our fans to have another year of peace, prosperity and love. Is that so much to ask ----- I hope not!
Merry Christmas big guy.

Dear Santa

I can't think of anything I need--Unless of courses you could find some plumbing pipes for my house that won't burst while I'm on the road. I hope all our fans are filled with the peace, joy and hope that came to us all on that first Christmas!
God Bless!

Dear Santa

As for myself, I wish for nothing. But if you could please bring each Sawyer Brown fan a new year and a diamond ring. If that is to much please bring them a little love and a nice warm place to spend Christmas with their families.
Thanks all, God bless you Santa

"The Walk" Finishes Strong

Even though The Walk didn't hit the number one slot on Radio and Record's or Gavin's single chart earlier in the year, it did finish with a flurry when each of the respective magazines released their top 100 songs for 1991. On the R&R Chart The Walk was number 8 and number 14 on Gavin's chart. This is quite an impressive showing, considering there were more then 40 songs that made it to the number one slot on each chart during the year and only a handful ranked higher than The Walk at the years end.

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