Gypsies On Parade

Volume 6 - Number 3

The Walk Is A Hit

Not since Step That Step topped the charts at number 1 in 1985, has a single had so much success as The Walk. The Walk was number 1 on one of four major industry charts and was number 2 on the other 3 charts, and all four charts claim The Walk is the hottest song in America, (A song gets a hot ranking when is one of the most requested songs of that month.) Unfortunately being the most requested song doesn't guarantee a number 1. The video has claimed similar honors as it was, number 1 on TNN for the third straight week, currently the longest period a video has held the number 1 spot. On CMT we were at number 3, and have been in the top ten for over a month. CMT indicated the number of requests they receive in the mail for a particular video is a big determining factor in a videos placing in the countdown.However we find it hard to believe because we know the Sawyer brown fans. Regardless of the outcome, Sawyer Brown would like to thank all who wrote or called to request The Walk. Without your help The Walk would not have been the success that it was.

Sawyer Brown was able to coax the legendary Earl Scruggs out of retirement to play on their next single The Dirt Road. Not only did he play on the single but also played with the band on the video. This was the first full feature video the Mr. Scruggs had ever done. It was truly an honor for the member of Sawyer Brown to have Mr. Scruggs to play their music and appear on the video.

Is this the twilight zone?

Or the making of a Sawyer Brown album.

The Single And Video

October 29 is a date to mark on your calender. This will be the release date for the new Sawyer Brown single and video, The Dirt Road. The song is another collaberation of Mark Miller and Hobie Hubbard, and is the debut single from the forthcoming album of the same title. Legendary banjo picker Earl Scruggs was brought out of retirement to play his trademark instrument on the song. The track for the song was recorded originally in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and the brought back to Nashville where the banjo, mandolin, and vocal tracks were added. Some of you may have heard the TV debut of the song when Sawyer Brown performed on the Grand Ole Opry. Fro those of you who missed the show you will just have to wait patiently till the end of the month. We will tell you it is a medium tempo song with a strong country flavor with a typical Sawyer Brown flare.

The video will be released the same time as the single. High Five, the company that produced The Walk, produced The Dirt Road as well. A fifty year old barn was the setting for the Sawyer Brown performance segments of the video, with the remainder of the video being shot from country setting in around Nashville.

Early responses to the song are that it is a great follow up to The Walk and should be an even bigger hit. Keep your fingers crossed and the request lines busy. When you think The Dirt Road think number 1!

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