Gypsies On Parade

Volume 5 - Number 2

Profile On Gregg Hobie Hubbard

October 4th, is always a special day in the Hubbard household in Apopka, Florida. Even though Hobie is rarely there for the occasion, since Sawyer Brown is on the road most of the year. (His name by the way is not Gregory, it's just Gregg.) In the growing-up days, his older brother Glenn, joined up in the celebration. But now Glenn is a professor of economics in New York. That leaves Gregg's mom Myrt and dad Chuck and nibbles Gregg's 18 year old white Persian cat, to keep the home fires burning.

Gregg showed interest in music early, beginning his piano lessons in second grade. He play and sang in the dream lake ukulele band, which performed for such audiences as the Florida folk festival and music educators' conference. He also sang the role of Amahl in the Dream Lake Production of Amahl And The Night Visitors.

At Apopka Junior High Hobie was in the band and was the accompanist for the chorus. His musical activities continued at Apopka High School, where he played in the band and was in the chorus, performing in featured roles in the annual Showboat Productions, in which Mark Miller also appeared. Little did the two of them dream what the future held.

Gregg did not confine his musical participation to school by any means. He was the pianist for the Apopka Presbyterian Church, where he also sang in the choir.

Involvement in music was only a part of Gregg's school life. In high school Hobie was a student council officer for both his junior and senior years, and he was active in a variety of clubs, He was a honor student, and he is particularly proud of the fact that his graduation class voted him outstanding senior for that year. You can see his name on a plaque in the office if you ever visit Apopka High School. In addition, he was the chamber of commerce star student from his Congressional District.

Drama was another major interest of Gregg's. He had roles every year in High School, but he mostly enjoyed the comedy ones. He was also active in the Apopka Community Theater as both actor and director. And he performed at the Ice House Theater in Mount Dora, Florida.

Gregg graduated with honors from Seminole Community College and then went on to the University Of Central Florida. It was there when Hobie and Mark decided even though it was their senior year to abandon their studies and head out to Nashville and seek out their fortunes in country music---and the rest is history.

Gregg's parents are both High School English Teachers and thus have a lifestyle foreign to that of a busy musician. But they are proud of Gregg and Sawyer Brown and enjoy seeing the group every chance they get. Gregg's brother Glenn and his wife, Connie, share in the pride of Sawyer Brown's accomplishments and they have enjoyed seeing the group perform.

Leisure time usually finds Gregg reading a good book or just munching on pizza.

Written by Myrt Hubbard

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