Gypsies On Parade

Volume 4 - Number 1

Sawyer Brown In China

For those of you who have not heard, the guys were in China for 7 days during the month of October. Everyone was very excited about going. They were the first country group to perform in China. It took them 18 hours to fly to Hong Kong where they stopped for several days. While in Hong Kong they did some extensive shopping. Several had tailored suits made, while others went for ready made clothes. They said the shopping was good, they plan on doing all their shopping in Hong Kong from now on. They also said Hong Kong is a lot like New York City. It was very busy, with lots of money floating around. Although the people had poor living conditions, everyone drove expensive cars and wore expensive clothes.

After several days in Hong Kong, everyone then flew over to Xianmen, China, where they performed for the Chinese officials and the R,J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The tobacco company has been building a plant in Xianmen for the past ten years and it was just completed. The guys were invited to perform as part of the Grand Opening Celebration.

The guys said China itself was an experience. Everywhere they went people would stop and stare at them or if they were standing still on the street, the Chinese would come up and look at them and want to touch them. The people in China were extremely poor as well as the country. The hotel they stayed at was very nice but could not tell whether it was being renovated or whether it had not been completed. There were alot of buildings the Chinese had started building and never completed. Everywhere you went you would see piles of scrape metal, wood, bricks, dirt, broken glass. The Chinese did not throw away anything. The guys could look out of their windows and see nothing but junk and shacks. The shacks, one piled on top of the other with complete families living in them. They did not have running water, indoor plumbing and many did not have electricity.

The Chinese eat lots of snake, worms, fish shrimp, chicken, pork, water buffalo and lots of food that we do not normally eat. There were a few who ventured out and tried the native food. Several went out to eat one night and ordered Pepper Steak. They thought it was so good, they went back a second night. A couple days later, they found out what they had eaten was not steak, but Water Buffalo. Another night, some of the guys ordered Chinese food at the hotel restaurant. Part of the meal consisted of a shrimp dish. When the waiter brought the shrimp to the table, the shrimp were still alive and swimming around. The waiter then poured a green liquid into the bowl of swimming shrimp and lit it with a match. Minutes later, the guys were severed their cooked shrimp. Needless to say, no one ate the shrimp.

Everyone enjoyed their experience in China. They said it was on of their best trips ever, and would like to come back again. On their return flight home. They had to change planes in Honololo. Some of the guy their connecting flight home, while some others missed the plane, they had to catch a flight 4 days later to Charlotte, NC. Those seen walking around with a tan are probably the ones who missed the plane.

Fun Facts

What is your lucky number?

Mark: 12
Hobie: 4
Jim: 1
Joe: 11

What is your favorite season?

Mark: Summer
Hobie: Summer
Jim: Summer
Joe: Fall

What is your favorite salad dressing?

Mark: Italian
Hobie: Ranch
Jim: Ranch
Joe: Thousand Island

What is your kind of pie?

          Apple pie and a half a scoop of vanilla ice cream
          Hot apple pie with ice cream
          Apple pie
          Blue Berry pie

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