Gypsies On Parade

Volume 3 - Number 3

Fan Fair

Fan Fair was a huge success this year. It was also the best year yet for the fan club. We arranged the booth the same as last year. We were pleased to once again see all those who attended Fan Fair last year. We would like to thank everyone who stood in line for several hours to get the guy's autographs. Again, thanks to all of you for supporting them. It's you, the fans, that make it all worthwhile.

The fan club sold t-shirts, socks, bumper stickers, pictures and visors. Everything went over really well. We sold out of shirts the first day! The guys were at their booth for autographs and pictures on Tuesday. They were at the Capitol booth on Wednesday. They were back at their booth on Thursday after the Capitol show. Thursday we had a little auction. All five guys donated one of their personal items. The auction went rather well considering that the lights went out in all of the buildings for several hours. Mark donated one of his panama hats, Gregg gave one of his stage jackets, Joe a pair of drum sticks and a drum head, Jim a guitar strap and Bobby the pink jacket worn on the cover of the Shakin' album. All money made from the auction went directly to help cover the fan club expenses.

Jim and Dana McVicker at Capital Record Show during Fan Fair.


Hey, I'm dressed and on time!

Gregg saluting those at Fan Fair.

Have You Heard?

Jim and Marta Scholten have a new baby boy! James Nicholas weighed in at 8 pounds, thirteen and a half ounces, on May 31, 1988. Nicholas has blue eyes and lots of black hair. Dad, Mom, Anna and (Jim's dog) Spud are real excited about the new baby.

Road Crew of 1988

It's a tuff job, but I guess someone has to do it! The hours are long. The schedule is tight. The guys on the road crew are the first ones to arrive at the concert site, and the last ones to leave. You usually don't see much of these guys because they are always working behind the scene.
John Guertin is the production manager. John is responsible for advancing the concert dates, making sure the band has the right equipment necessary for each performance, and seeing that everything on the production end runs smoothly.
Dave Hill is the stage manager. Dave is responsible for all of the stage equipment and seeing that the stage is set up accordingly.
Tom "Ted Nugent" Welch is the mixer. Ted is responsible for the sound that you hear. He mixes all the sounds the guys create. Em Lehman is one of the bus drivers. Em is responsible for getting the road crew from one city to the other in time to set everything up.
And last but not least, is Carl Stothart. He is the Road Manager. Carl is basically responsible for running everything out on the road. The band may call the shots, but once Carl is out on the road, everything is in his hands. He sets the leave times. He gets the band to and from the airport, venue, autograph sessions, makes sure they do their interviews, and checks everyone in and out of the hotels. You try rounding up five guys plus the road crew at one time and see how easy it is! He is the out of office connection with the concert promoter, publicist, radio, tv, and everyone else in the world that is attempting to get ahold of the band. You name it, and he probably does it while on the road. [But remember, this is a family show.] It's really not an easy job considering the reponsibility he has, and the number of people he must deal with daily. Thanks guys for doing a great job!

L to R: Tom Welch, Em Lehman, Carl Stothart, Dave Hill, John Guertin.

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