Gypsies On Parade

Volume 2 - Number 2


We would like to welcome Joe Erkman and Mark Oliverous to our little family. They joined The guys next door approximately 6 weeks ago. Rumor has it that they are doing really well and the band is really hot! Keep up the good work!

Dream Trip

Thanks to the Suncoast Childrens Fund of Florida, Heidi Bryan of St. Petersburg, FL Age 6, was able to make her dream trip to Nashville during Fan Fair. During her trip, Heidi wanted to meet the members of Sawyer Brown, so a special visit was arranged for her. Heidi was able to meet the guys, have her picture taken with them, and get their autographs. This was all very special to Heidi and her parents because Heidi has cancer. In the several months Heidi had it, she has undergone two major operations and chemotherapy treatments to try and stop this very aggressive form of cancer.

Since Fan Fair, Heidi spent over three weeks in the hospital taking the last chemotherapy treatment and for a blood infection. Her mom says that Heidi is doing much better right now, and she is happy to say that Heidi's cancer is in remission at this time. Not only is Heidi's family happy, but everyone here with Sawyer Brown is happy! Heidi, we wish you the best of luck and we want you to know that our thoughts will always be with you!

New Album

The new album was released in August. We are hoping that is has made it to all of the record stores by now. If not, remember to ask them to order it or contact their nearest capitol rep so they can get it in the store. Don't forget to call the radio stations! They are of most importance!


We have a new video! The video Some Where In The Night was filmed in Nashville while the guys were home for a couple of days in August. This video seems to be somewhat different then the others, there are no dancers, no extras, nothing but 3 minutes of all 5 guys. Everyone is sure to get a good look at their favorite. Call your DJ and request it!

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