Gypsies On Parade

Volume 10 - Number 5

'Round Here

New Single, More Fun

It might be more accurate to say Sawyer Brown meets John Kruk, John Kruk meets country music. Baseball fans will no doubt recognize a familiar face in Sawyer Brown's new video 'Round Here. John Kruk, now retired, added to the video's fun with his celebrity appearance. In this clip John portrays a man with questionable mechanical skills when it comes to keeping his pickup running. However, on the baseball diamond John was far more successful. He played first base for the Phillies when they were declared the 1993 National League Champions. When asked about his appearance John joked, "I figured Mark must not have liked the song very much and that's why he asked me!" "Not the case at all!" laughed Mark. "We like it very much." We think the fans will really like this single and enjoy the video as well.

Peaks At Number Seven!

The first single from the new album, This Thing Called Wantin' And Havin' It All, reached number seven on the charts. Originally not even slated as a single, the song earned high praise from early listeners and then quickly became a crowd pleaser during the live shows. As always, Sawyer Brown would like to thank their loyal fans for showing support and making those requests to your local radio stations.

Singles don't become hits unless you call your local radio stations and request Sawyer Brown's latest single, and write CMT and TNN and bug them to play all of Sawyer Brown's videos.

(I put that last part in my self :)

You can send your letters to CMT and TNN at

c/o Viewer Services

2806 Opryland Drive Nashville TN


Rain: Mother Nature Strikes Again

When it came time for Sawyer brown to film the new video for 'Round Here, Mother Nature decided not to cooperate, it rained.
(But I think, She knew what she was doing :)
But the rain and unexpected changes in the filming location came a surprisingly pleasant solution to their problems. Shooting moved indoors and the setting turned out to be one of the most spectacular barn lofts in Tennessee. The structure was breathtaking and left everyone in awe. Tune into TNN or CMT for the new video and check it out for your self.

New Album Brings Good Reviews

Since it's release on August 29th the new album from Sawyer Brown has been well received. Currently residing on the top LPs chart at number 27, This Thing Called Wantin' And Havin' It All presents a brand new crop of Sawyer brown material bound to become long time favorites. Maintaining their small town look outlook they emerge as modern day philosophers. The title cut presented a story with a strong moral lesson worth everyone's attention. The second single 'Round Here' celebrates the strength of unyielding commitment and enduring love.

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