Album Number One

Sawyer Brown

Produced by

Randy L. Scruggs


( Bill Shore, D. Wills)
Feel Like Me
(Mark Miller, Randy Scruggs)
Used To Blue
(F. Knobloch, B. LaBounty)
It's Hard To Keep A Good Love Down
(Mark Miller, Randy Scruggs)
Step That Step
(Mark Miller)
Smokin' In The Rockies
(F. Dycus, D. Dillon, B. Cannon, G. Stewart)
Staying Afloat
(J. D. Martin, D. King)
Broken Candy
(Mark Miller)
The Sun Don't Shine On The Same Folks All The Time
(D. Morrison, J. Slate, M. Gary)
Going Back To Indiana
(D. Richards, F. Mizell, F. Perren, B. Gordy)



Step That Step

Used To Blue


Step That Step

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Lyrics From Sawyer Brown

Step The Step

Mama told me when I was three
The street'll never get you no where
You take a street car jumpin' and back beat bump
And get along like it isn't there
You hold your head up high
Like you're gonna fly

You take the bitter 'til you find the sweet
And when you got that crowd and it's screamin' loud
You leave them sittin' on the edge of their seat

You gotta step that step
Walk that walk
Shake that thing
Honey talk that talk

Hollywood, if New York could
Keep you babblin' 'til the break of day
No time to rest and you've got to feel blessed
'Cause you're gonna get it anyway
You start to wail and your face turns pale
You've got to pump it till your pistol pops
And as the eagle flew baby so will you
Cause you're climbin' all the way to the top

Repeat Chorus Six Times

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